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  1. Be sure to understand the metrics you will be graded on in your position. You do not want to miss out on your bonus.

  2. Only ask questions in public Teams channels or whatever your company uses to communicate. Do not use private messages.

    • You should not be sending messages to just one person on your team. You will get better answers and different methods to solve a problem when you have more than one person looking at the question and giving their opinion. Be sure to tell them what you tried and researched first to get unstuck.

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  1. Be sure to give daily updates on your progress and what you are working on. Ask your supervisor where you can post them. This is a way to track your journey in public and so others are aware of what you are doing. This will help with your writing skills and will also help the next person that is hired after you. Lastly, you can share the information you created with other people and your name will be all over the company and beyond.

  2. Be curious about everything and ask when you do not know what something means…especially for acronyms and other company jargon.

    • There are no dumb questions.

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  1. Find a particular subject you are interested in and can learn deeply. You will become the go to person and subject matter expert for that subject. You will gain confidence as you learn a lot about one subject.

  2. Spend your first 30 days meeting as many of your coworkers and even other teams as possible, in one on ones or small groups. It can be intimidating so get a teammate or manager to help with introductions.

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