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  • Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies: A primer to blockchain, distributed ledgers and Hyperledger technologies.

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Learn the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency space, including the basics of smart contracts, the Ethereum platform andhow to build decentralized applications.

  • Blockchain Essentials: Understand blockchain technology and how it can solve business problems. Learn the basics of developing applications with chaincode.

  • The Complete Course On Understanding Blockchain Technology: A Beginner’s Guide to Authentic Knowledge on Blockchain Technology and its Applications in 2018.

  • Blockchain & Crypto: Your one-stop guide to all things crypto. Whether you’re a rookie trying to understand mining or a veteran looking to develop a trading strategy, we’ve got you covered.

  • LearnWeb3: Curious about Web3 as a developer? Wonder what are NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and Smart Contracts? This is the place for you!

  • useWeb3: useWeb3 is a platform for developers to explore and learn about Web3. Whether youre a new dev getting your hands dirty for the first time, or a seasoned developer making the transition into the Web3 space.

  • _buildspace: If you’re a dev that’s curious about web3 but not sure where to start – this is the spot for you. Learn + start building cool stuff right now, earn NFTs, access secret work opportunities in crypto.

  • Start building on Solana: Learn how to build on the world’s fastest blockchain and start contributing to ecosystem projects right away!

  • Vittorio Rivabella: Join 5000+ developers learning web3 and blockchain development. Receive exclusive resources I only share with my subscribers.

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💓 If you enjoyed the information and the web site, please donate or become a Patreon.

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