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For my third course, I am taking DTSC 560 Data Science for Business. It’s the third course on utilizing the programming language R with Excel added on.

✍🏿 Here’s a description of the course:

  • This course explores the various ways data and science can be applied to business contexts. Particular emphasis will be placed on decision using data to make informed business decisions.

  • This course will actually have 5 homework assignments, 5 quizzes, and 2 exams.

  • In this course, you should have some previous experience with both Excel and R, enough to conduct basic-to-intermediate analyses. This course does not include an introduction to using Excel or R - we will immediately use both applications for specific analyses and it will be difficult to follow along or succeed in the course without some familiarity with both

  • The book we are using is Camm, J.D., Cochran, J.J., Fry, M.J., & Ohlmann, J.W., (2021). Business Analytics, 4th Edition. Cengage. and located here.

  • The course uses R and Excel.

💡 Learning Objectives

  • Define and apply the concept of the time value of money
  • Use Excel to calculate Present and Future Value
  • Set up a spreadsheet model in Excel
  • Use a spreadsheet model to answer business questions

💪🏿 This is what I accomplished my first week in the DTSC 560 course:

📺 Videos Watched (each video has a 1 question quiz at the end)::

  • Introduction to Spreadsheet Models
  • Present and Future Value Over a Single Period
  • Compounding or Discounting Over Multiple Periods
  • Present and Future Value of Accumulated Regular Payments
  • Functions in Excel
  • Setting Up a Mortgage Spreadsheet Model
  • Answering Questions with a Mortgage Spreadsheet Model
  • Setting Up an Investment Model in Excel

🧪 Homework

  • I used excel to calculate the Time Value of Money and create a Mortgage Spreadsheet Model. I used the excel spreadsheet to take the quiz. I built my own spreadsheet model and used it to answer the quiz.

💯 Quiz

  • In this class, you are only given 3 chances to take the quiz and get it right. A few fill in the blank questions, multiple choice, and more than one answer questions.
  • I only have 3 attempts for each quiz and exam. I took the exam 3 times. Final score was 93.33% where I missed one question about future value. You have until the end of the semester to take all your exams.
  • I was given a data analysis task to complete using the approach outlined in each module, whether in Excel or R. I completed the task and used the results to answer the questions in the associated quiz.

🔥 Summary

  • An easy week with just watching videos and a short assignment with a quiz.


Want to know why I decided to pursue a Master’s in Data Science? Go here

Stay tuned for week 2…

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