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Want to know why I decided to pursue a Master’s in Data Science? Go here

For my second course, I am taking DTSC 650 Data Analytics in R. It’s the second course on utilizing the programming language R.

✍🏿 Here’s a description of the course:

  • Continuation of DTSC 550, with an emphasis on statistical techniques most used in modern data science. Will explore in greater depth linear and logistic regression, and continue to additional regression and classification techniques with a focus on application. Analyses will be completed in R.

  • This course will actually have two homework assignments I need to turn in, 6 exams, and a final project. Unlike the first course, which only had quizzes for a final grade.

  • The book we are using is free and located here. There’s a newer edition and I don’t understand why we’re not using it, but whatever. The book has lots of practice so far with great examples for the visualizations. I also like the exercise practice questions.

💡 Learning Objectives

  • Utilize ggplot2 to create effective graphical representations of data
  • Articulate the logic behind the grammar of graphics

💪🏿 This is what I accomplished my first week in the DTSC 650 course:

📘 Course Introduction:

  • Reviewing the Syllabus

📺 Videos Watched (these videos follow along with the book):

  • Visualization with ggplot2 introduction
  • ggplot2 Introduction
  • Intro to ggplot2
  • Textbook Exercises 3.2
  • Aesthetic Mappings
  • Textbook Exercises 3.3
  • Common Problems
  • Facets with a 1 question Quiz
  • Textbook Exercises 3.5
  • Geometric Objects with a 1 question Quiz
  • Textbook Exercises 3.6
  • Statistical Transformations with a 1 question Quiz
  • Textbook Exercises 3.7
  • Position Adjustments with a 1 question Quiz
  • Textbook Exercises 3.8
  • The Layered Grammar of Graphics

👀 Read these articles:

💯 Exam

  • Module 2 exam had 18 questions: fill in the blank, true/false, choose more than one answer for a list of choices, and multiple choice with one answer. It was heavy on fill in the blanks which was tough, but I got it! I did one calculation to see if a code that was given worked.
  • You can take the exam as many times as needed to get the score you want, but each test has different questions. I took the exam 1 time. Final score was 90.00%. You have until the end of the semester to take all your exams. I’ll see how I do when I start turning in graded assignments on if I need to retake this test.

🔥 Summary

  • I really enjoyed playing around with ggplot and learning the functions. I look forward to the project in the upcoming weeks.


Want to know why I decided to pursue a Master’s in Data Science? Go here

Also, I’m looking for an internship in the fall of 2023 to get real world experience, so if you’re hiring, let me know elyse@data.gal! I want to move towards finance so quantitative research is what I’m targeting.

Stay tuned for week 2…

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