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These programs are a great way to learn and get access to unbelievable opportunities in web3. You do not have to be a developer to take part in one of these grants. Here are 23 projects with grant programs:

  1. The Graph @graphprotocol has $1.7 million in funding. Apply here

  2. Radicle @radicle has $1 million in funding. Apply here

  3. Rally @rally_io has $20 million $RLY and $2 million USDC in funding. Apply here

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  4. Gitcoin @gitcoin receive donations for your project. Apply here

  5. NEAR Protocol @NEARProtocol has $350 million in funding. Apply here

  6. Solana @solana has funding and a hackathon. Apply here

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  7. Harmony @harmonyprotocol has over $300 Million in funding. Apply here

  8. Polygon @0xPolygon has funding to build and scale your dApp. Apply here

  9. Aurora @auroraisnear will introduce you to Venture Capitalists. Apply here

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  10. Chainlink @chainlink has different grants: research, social impact, integration and community along with bug bounty payments. Apply here

  11. Celo @CeloOrg has incubators, accelerators, hackathons, bug bounties, and grants. Apply here

  12. Arweave @ArweaveTeam investment and fundraising help. Apply here

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  13. Interchain Foundation @interchain_io provides grants, service agreements, employment opportunities, and investments. Apply here

  14. Ethereum Foundation @ethereum offers a variety of funding grants for projects working to promote the success and growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. Apply here

  15. Tezos @tezos will help to ensure the long-term success of the Tezos blockchain. Apply here

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  16. Livepeer @LivepeerOrg will distribute $50,000 in quarterly phases with a semi annual review phase. Apply here

  17. ConsenSys @ConsenSys a gateway for funding your next Ethereum project. Apply here

  18. Protocol Labs @protocollabs even has a PhD fellowship program. Apply here

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  19. Web3 Foundation @Web3foundation grants of up to $100,000 for public applications, which are tracked transparently on GitHub and disbursed in cryptocurrencies. Apply here

  20. Sandbox @TheSandboxGame $1 billion USD Metaverse fund for game makers. Apply here

  21. Connext Weekly @ConnextWeekly believes that grants are one of the best ways to drive community ownership and action around public goods. Apply here

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  22. LEGO primer @LidoFinance rewards talent early with developer incentives, bounties, and infrastructure support. Apply here

  23. Stellar @StellarOrg currently holds 30 billion XLM to be used for promoting and enhancing Stellar and part of that amount goes directly into grants and funding to projects building on and contributing to the growth of the Stellar network. Apply here

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๐Ÿ’“ If you enjoyed the information and the web site, please donate or become a Patreon.

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