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I was recruited off LinkedIn for my big tech job. I figured out a few tips and tricks along my “switch into tech journey” that helped me stand out and get my profile noticed everyday (even on the weekends!). I wanted to give back to my community, so I started Live Resume Reviews and Live LinkedIn Reviews to help people with their resumes and profiles.

The next two seminars are coming up:

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  1. Take a nice profile picture.
  • I see horrible pictures on people’s profiles and cringe every time. It is someone’s first impression of you.
  • Upload your photo to Profile Pic Maker, analyze the feedback given, then retake your picture until your scores are good enough to post.
  1. Be sure to use keywords that are targeted based on the role you want. Using the right keywords will mak you show up in Recruiter’s searches.
  • Find a few job bulletins for the role you want and pull keywords from each one. You may use to help you. Take those keywords and use them throughout your LinkedIn profile.
  1. Write a catchy headline for your profile that everyone can see.
  • You should use this as your baseline: [Keywords] | [Skills] | [Results-Focused Value Proposition]
  • Here’s an example for a Cloud Engineer: Cloud Consultant | Python, Azure, AWS, PowerShell, Bash | I help companies migrate to the cloud.
  1. Write an informational about.
  • A great about section has three parts:
    • A paragraph that talks about your current job, years of experience, and what you can offer your next employer.
    • Five bullets that show the results you created at current and past positions.
    • An email with a call to action for people to contact you.
  1. Use your Featured section well.
  • The featured section on your LinkedIn profile is another place to showcase your value to an employer.
    • Add:
      • Content you have Created
      • Case studies of your work
      • Things you have written
      • Testimonials
      • You name it!
  1. The skills you have chosen on your LinkedIn profile’s Skills section matter. LinkedIn this section to stack rank candidates.
  • You can boost your rank by:
    • Add every keyword from your ResyMatch scan
    • Choose the top 5 most relevant skills
    • Ask colleagues, friends, family, and classmates for endorsements of each skill listed. Minimum of 5 people.
  1. Engage with other people’s posts and post on your own profile often. Comments generate profile views, follows, and connections, AND RECRUITERS!
  • Find 10+ thought leaders in your target area, bookmark their post feed, check their feed daily, leave a valuable comment on each new post, and repeat this for a minimum of 30 days.
  1. Post content on your own feed every day. A post can reach hundreds if not thousands of people per day. The value can be huge for you.

Here is my LinkedIn profile: Elyse Y. Robinson

💓 If you enjoyed the information and the web site, please donate or become a Patreon.

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Elyse Y. Robinson Elyse Y. Robinson is the Founder of Switch Into Tech where she does monthly seminars, posts weekly freebies to help you switch into tech, Writer of Nube: Switch Into A Cloud Career, podcaster for Nobody Wants To Work Tho, creator of to help you not go into college debt, and in school for Data Science. Elyse is in love with Mexico, researching any and everything, and helping people switch into tech.