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30 | Turning Passion into Muscles | Joshua Bachand

Published: at 08:40 PM

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Nobody Wants To Work Tho Podcast


Meet Joshua, a perpetual seeker of fulfillment, who wandered through an array of odd jobs, searching for purpose. Despite the uncertainty, one constant remained—his love for fitness. In the gym, he found solace, a sanctuary where his passion thrived. Joshua took a leap of faith, transitioning into a career as a personal trainer. Guiding others toward their fitness goals became his calling.

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Alternate Titles For The Algorithm:
From Odd Jobs to Fitness: A Journey of Self-Discovery
Finding Purpose: The Odyssey of an Odd Job Enthusiast Turned Personal Trainer
Odd Jobs to Fitness: Unraveling the Path to Passion
Wandering to Wellness: The Story of an Odd Job Nomad Turned Personal Trainer
Discovering Strength: A Tale of Odd Jobs and Fitness Passion
Embracing Change: From Odd Job Hopper to Fitness Leader
The Fitness Odyssey: From Odd Jobs to Personal Trainer Extraordinaire
Odd Jobs, Fit Life: How One Wanderer Found Their Calling
The Evolution of Passion: Odd Jobs to Fitness Fulfillment
From Oddities to Fitness Focus: A Personal Trainer’s Journey

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[00:00:46.000] Hey, all.

[00:00:46.600] This is Elyse Robinson with Nobody Wants to Work, No.

[00:00:48.310] Podcast.

[00:00:49.530] Today, we have Joshua Bunchard.

[00:00:52.490] And go ahead and introduce yourself, Joshua.

[00:00:55.410] Hello. How are you doing?

[00:00:56.560] Thank you, Elyse, for allowing me to introduce myself.

[00:00:58.950] My name is Joshua Banshaad, and I’m grateful for this opportunity

[00:01:04.470] to share why I’ve changed over to what I’ve…

[00:01:07.730] From one career to another.

[00:01:09.880] And I’m actually deep diving in my purpose, and I’ll share that here.

[00:01:16.680] Yes, I’m a real believer of walking in your purpose.

[00:01:20.440] Absolutely.

[00:01:21.570] So what did you want to be when you grew up?

[00:01:26.210] Or then, grown up? Yeah.

[00:01:28.520] So growing up, honestly,

[00:01:31.690] when my stepdad was alive, God rest and so I thought about being a plumber.

[00:01:36.170] And later on, as I got older, that idea faded away and

[00:01:45.090] I ended up getting into personal training because I fell in love with fitness

[00:01:48.960] and wanting to help people become healthier versions of themselves.

[00:01:55.000] I’m curious, though, why did you not want to be a plumber?

[00:01:58.200] Because when I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet.

[00:02:00.440] But I’m trying to sit here and think why I didn’t want…

[00:02:02.040] Oh, why I didn’t want to be a vet anymore?

[00:02:03.440] Because I learned that they had to go to school for 15 years.

[00:02:05.790] And I’m like, That is going to work for me.

[00:02:08.850] Well, I’ve always been very active.

[00:02:11.570] So with me being very active and becoming

[00:02:14.150] a personal trainer I’m helping others become a little bit more active and get

[00:02:18.130] some energy back that they may have lost from being out of shape and unhealthy.

[00:02:22.570] So that was more interesting to me. Got you.

[00:02:27.320] You got to burn up the energy.

[00:02:28.570] Okay, I see.

[00:02:30.410] All right, so where did your career begin?

[00:02:33.890] What was your very first career before you got the personal training?

[00:02:38.530] Before I bounced around.

[00:02:41.830] I never had a career.

[00:02:43.040] I became a personal trainer.

[00:02:44.350] I’ll Honest, my background is a lot of street, unfortunately.

[00:02:53.410] But I learned a lot, and I’m still here and alive and well,

[00:02:56.970] and again, able to walk in my purpose, which I’m very I’m grateful for.

[00:03:01.410] That’s where my path really entailed.

[00:03:05.320] Okay.

[00:03:08.320] And what was the catalyst that made you want to become a personal trainer?

[00:03:11.230] Did you have this thought of becoming a personal trainer when you were a kid or

[00:03:17.170] something happened that made you want to become a personal trainer?

[00:03:21.130] Being around people that looked unhealthy and never being a person that made fun

[00:03:28.750] of overweight people, but look at them as a way, how can I help them?

[00:03:32.410] Because I love people.

[00:03:35.840] Again, I was always working on training

[00:03:38.550] in the gym, and I chose to make a career out of it so

[00:03:42.030] I could get paid to help people get healthy.

[00:03:46.240] That’s funny because as an entrepreneur, and you hear people talk about, Don’t

[00:03:54.640] make your love or your passion into a

[00:03:59.790] career because you end up hating it.

[00:04:07.410] Do you hate it at any point in time?

[00:04:11.710] I mean, did you think about that?

[00:04:14.450] I don’t think The thing with it is because I love it, it doesn’t feel like work.

[00:04:22.320] I don’t know because I run into that a lot of times as I’m an entrepreneur.

[00:04:31.360] One thing that I created during COVID was a tech freebie website.

[00:04:38.800] I launched it.

[00:04:41.300] I got my first customer, literally the first day it launched.

[00:04:47.320] I made it to help myself.

[00:04:50.000] Then somebody I knew was like, You should make money off of it.

[00:04:53.000] I was like, Okay, well, shoot. Yeah.

[00:04:55.040] Then once I got into doing it, every day,

[00:04:58.630] once a week or whatever, I started to hate it.

[00:05:03.080] I’m like, This is work, but maybe I don’t like the work.

[00:05:07.190] Maybe that’s the problem.

[00:05:08.510] It could be it.

[00:05:11.890] I’m not going to say that.

[00:05:15.330] I’m supposed to be rich.

[00:05:19.040] Let me see.

[00:05:23.210] All things come at a cost.

[00:05:25.920] What did it cost you along the way?

[00:05:27.790] Not just as in price, Do you have any certifications?

[00:05:32.570] Did your family think you were crazy trying to become a personal trainer

[00:05:36.910] because you don’t have big muscles or whatever?

[00:05:43.600] No, I mean, I think there is always a cost.

[00:05:49.350] There’s an investing.

[00:05:51.480] I went from getting several certifications

[00:05:54.850] and studying intensely because I needed that.

[00:05:59.600] In order to pass. I’m not the easy.

[00:06:01.320] I’m not the one that retains well.

[00:06:02.440] So there was a whole lot of highlighting,

[00:06:04.210] tutoring, and taking tests several times, and then finally passing.

[00:06:10.170] And then being able to humble myself knowing that I’m not going to get paid

[00:06:14.670] faith, nor should I deserve to at a good rate in the beginning.

[00:06:20.850] So that was a little bit of a struggle for a short period of time.

[00:06:27.330] So, yeah, getting paid minimum wage.

[00:06:30.910] I mean, not just minimum wage, it was more so like a sales.

[00:06:34.730] You’re getting bait.

[00:06:36.330] When you’re starting off in the gym as

[00:06:39.790] a personal trainer, as a newbie in that field, you’re

[00:06:43.480] not getting a wage, but you’re also not getting clients.

[00:06:47.040] And getting clients is the only way

[00:06:48.720] to make money because it’s based off commission.

[00:06:51.040] You get a percentage off of each client that you do get.

[00:06:54.170] So that was definitely a sacrifice.

[00:06:59.040] And getting up early in the morning

[00:07:00.790] to repeat that day, which would start at 5:00 AM

[00:07:07.570] and maybe end at 6:00, 7:00 PM and then repeat that.

[00:07:11.640] Hoping for a better day the next day.

[00:07:13.030] But I learned a lot.

[00:07:16.360] Yeah.

[00:07:17.770] No, I don’t miss those days.

[00:07:22.040] Don’t miss them at all.

[00:07:23.670] I remember those days.

[00:07:26.970] But you have to put the work in in order to get to where you are.

[00:07:30.630] I tell people that all the time, especially the young people.

[00:07:35.360] I don’t know what’s up with these young

[00:07:36.270] people that think that they don’t have to put in no work.

[00:07:39.320] Then they have this idea in their head that work is supposed to be fun.

[00:07:42.640] I’m like, Work ain’t necessarily supposed to be fun.

[00:07:45.210] There’s a very small percentage of people

[00:07:47.540] where they get to live out the funness of work.

[00:07:52.970] But I say most people just never get that.

[00:07:57.130] The whole definition of work is a negative connotation with it.

[00:08:01.480] Where do you get off that work is supposed to be fun?

[00:08:05.210] They complain about stupid things.

[00:08:07.730] They’re not being sexually harassed.

[00:08:09.690] It’s not racial discrimination or gender discrimination or something like that.

[00:08:14.330] But they’re, Oh, well, I don’t have any passion for it.

[00:08:19.150] I’m like, But you…

[00:08:21.800] So I’m confused.

[00:08:25.480] It’s different.

[00:08:30.000] But my whole idea of work is so I can live a certain lifestyle,

[00:08:38.250] and then outside of work, I can pursue the things that I actually love.

[00:08:43.320] I don’t want my job stress in me, and my lifestyle has to be good.

[00:08:49.610] That’s why I’m an accountant because it meshes with my lifestyle.

[00:08:55.560] I don’t really care for accounting 99.

[00:08:58.670] 9% of time, but it pays me bills.

[00:09:05.720] Let me see what else.

[00:09:07.190] Let’s see.

[00:09:09.970] You said that you did other things.

[00:09:12.650] What was the process on switching to being a personal trainer?

[00:09:18.150] Because I understand that sales is a big thing.

[00:09:23.050] What type of certifications did you get?

[00:09:25.850] How did you get someone to take a chance

[00:09:28.990] on you and say, Hey, can I be a personal trainer at your gym?

[00:09:35.800] Yeah.

[00:09:37.640] And how did you get someone to take a chance on you?

[00:09:41.600] Well, to get there,

[00:09:43.470] I had to work all the nends as far as jobs to make sure that those are

[00:09:48.310] getting paid in the meantime because I wasn’t living with my parents any longer.

[00:09:53.190] So that waiting on commission,

[00:09:57.600] money still had to come from somewhere while doing that.

[00:10:00.700] But as far as getting a chance,

[00:10:04.080] I looked around for low-wing gyms that would just give me an opportunity.

[00:10:10.770] And I’ve always been in good shape.

[00:10:12.610] So that helped.

[00:10:14.130] Did you want to look to Park, too?

[00:10:15.880] And that was always a big deal to me being

[00:10:17.760] professional, being in great shape and being

[00:10:19.430] knowledgeable, having experience in those areas.

[00:10:23.560] And as far as certifications, I got a national certification,

[00:10:27.700] and then I also I also got a certification in nutrition,

[00:10:35.400] got another one in group training, and then the rest of it really just came

[00:10:38.750] with experience because the certifications don’t give you experience.

[00:10:43.250] They give you insight and knowledge on how

[00:10:46.190] to move the body a certain way, especially in the time.

[00:10:50.390] Because every individual client is very unique.

[00:10:54.030] So whether they have an injury or they’re trying to gain muscle,

[00:10:58.440] but they already have muscle, they want more or they want to lose fat.

[00:11:01.680] It could be dealing with a woman that just

[00:11:03.670] had a baby four, five, six months out from having a baby.

[00:11:08.150] So it’s always different dealing with ages as well.

[00:11:13.040] I never trained teenagers or anything like athletes.

[00:11:15.150] I always train men.

[00:11:17.350] I’m 46 now, but I’ve always trained men really close to my age.

[00:11:22.070] So I was always training men older than me when I was in my 30s.

[00:11:29.920] Let’s see.

[00:11:30.970] Yeah, I did physical therapy.

[00:11:35.720] What year is it? 2022.

[00:11:38.510] I did six months of physical therapy because I have tons and tons of injuries.

[00:11:45.520] You do? I did.

[00:11:47.210] What? Huh?

[00:11:49.250] Played sports?

[00:11:50.490] No, I never played sports. No.

[00:11:52.770] No? No.

[00:11:55.080] One doctor told me that I have hypermobility.

[00:12:00.050] So my phalanges and stuff move too much.

[00:12:06.640] Yoga.

[00:12:08.170] When I was a kid, I never did any of that stuff because I

[00:12:14.430] was always scared that I was going to hurt myself,

[00:12:17.770] which I guess as an adult, it probably was good that I never did any of that stuff.

[00:12:23.190] I never did too much.

[00:12:25.330] But yeah, no, I did six months of physical therapy And I loved it.

[00:12:30.830] I love water aerobics, but that’s my thing.

[00:12:40.130] Water aerobics are good. Great.

[00:12:42.480] Yeah, you’re just floating.

[00:12:43.750] So there’s really no way to really hurt

[00:12:46.910] yourself because I’m always scared of that.

[00:12:49.250] But what are some positives and what

[00:12:57.510] are some negatives of your career? How’s it?

[00:13:01.950] This goes on.

[00:13:04.850] Changing lives for the long haul definitely is the number one positive.

[00:13:12.930] Negatives are I mean, it’s a grind, especially in the beginning for a while.

[00:13:21.010] It took me…

[00:13:23.360] It got me to a place where I need to make a decision.

[00:13:25.400] Am I going to keep training in gyms?

[00:13:26.680] Am I going to get my own gym?

[00:13:27.710] Am I going to try and scale my own gym,

[00:13:31.710] start hiring, get a gym and hire some clients, some other trainers.

[00:13:37.120] So that’s probably more of the negative

[00:13:41.190] because at one point, you need to make a decision.

[00:13:44.050] If you find yourself Training your life away.

[00:13:47.130] And it was hard.

[00:13:48.970] It was difficult at times just trying to have some time for myself

[00:13:52.580] or even have time for me to go to the gym because I’m up at 5:00 and I get a little

[00:13:57.270] break, like early afternoon time, and then I’m back training again because

[00:14:02.050] you get the next wave of clients that will come in and be getting out of work.

[00:14:07.730] And then you’re training them all until the evening.

[00:14:12.080] And that is over and over and over.

[00:14:13.950] I I get a Sunday off, but Saturdays can be a day where there’s a lot going on.

[00:14:18.670] Then you need to write programs and update or update programs, create new ones.

[00:14:25.290] So what was your decision?

[00:14:27.070] Money is always there.

[00:14:28.650] The money’s I was there.

[00:14:31.130] But then you can only make a certain amount of money.

[00:14:34.040] That’s some child. How much am I going to charge a client?

[00:14:38.800] I can only charge a client so much to where it makes sense.

[00:14:42.970] And then the other thing is if you’re not

[00:14:46.310] training a client, you’re not making money.

[00:14:48.570] I can get the money ahead of time,

[00:14:50.600] but if I’m not in front of you, I’m not making that money.

[00:14:53.430] And at some point, I need to get in front of you physically.

[00:14:58.360] No.

[00:14:59.290] If someone cancels, you still get money, right?

[00:15:03.490] Yeah, you got to hope on a cancel.

[00:15:06.130] Where I’m from, it snows.

[00:15:13.330] So we’re used to the snow.

[00:15:14.640] It’s not like it snows. It’s too cold.

[00:15:16.580] I’m not coming out to meet you at the gym.

[00:15:19.170] I’m like, We’re used to that.

[00:15:20.710] Bundle up when we go. Yeah.

[00:15:22.610] No.

[00:15:23.430] I’ll call a cancel if it’s a little drip drop of rain outside.

[00:15:26.790] I’m not coming.

[00:15:29.920] I’m not coming out.

[00:15:32.430] It could be 85 degrees.

[00:15:33.710] I’m not coming out.

[00:15:38.440] So what was your decision?

[00:15:40.230] Did you open up a gym or did you- I never opened up a gym.

[00:15:43.790] I would just I would run around.

[00:15:45.830] As you know, we have a train back home in Boston.

[00:15:49.050] So I would go to

[00:15:54.960] these luxury apartment complexes where there was already gyms

[00:16:00.000] in the bottom, and then you had the apartments up top.

[00:16:02.520] And I’d meet people,

[00:16:03.480] they’d come off the elevator, out of the apartment, whatever,

[00:16:05.520] and then I’d meet them right in the gym and then take off, go to the next one.

[00:16:08.810] And that’s what I did for a while.

[00:16:11.960] And I forgot about COVID.

[00:16:13.730] When COVID came, I lost all my clients,

[00:16:17.520] and that’s when I had to make a decision of what I was going to do.

[00:16:20.150] But I was already leaning into it online training.

[00:16:23.080] And so I became an online trainer.

[00:16:25.520] I bought into this program that taught me how to use this particular software where

[00:16:29.470] you can create programs, tons of videos on it.

[00:16:32.670] I put them together,

[00:16:33.970] and then I deliver that through an app, and I still have it to this day.

[00:16:40.520] So now at that point, clients can now train on their own.

[00:16:45.610] I create a program, I send it to them, I put it on their calendar,

[00:16:49.730] and they go right into my app on that particular day and looking

[00:16:53.230] at whatever they’re doing for that day, whether it be legs or

[00:16:57.120] chest or some upper body workout, high intensity, whatever I

[00:17:02.930] decided to design their program or however I decided to design it.

[00:17:09.160] That’s nice. So what’s the name of the app?

[00:17:12.080] It’s Silverback Fit, like the gorilla.

[00:17:14.970] Silverback fit.

[00:17:16.320] Silverback fit?

[00:17:17.390] Okay.

[00:17:20.400] I train mostly men.

[00:17:22.550] I trained women in the beginning, and I chose to get away from that.

[00:17:28.170] Why?

[00:17:29.560] I just- put you on the spot.

[00:17:32.930] Yeah, it’s not.

[00:17:35.310] I had some relations early in the beginning until I realized

[00:17:39.080] that the money wasn’t going to be made if I took that route.

[00:17:41.230] And that was part of me being a mature.

[00:17:43.320] But then also because I connect very well with women.

[00:17:45.560] So sometimes sessions were turned into

[00:17:47.960] a stressed-out crying session because they’re going through it.

[00:17:50.890] I trained different people in stressed-out jobs, especially in the city in Boston.

[00:17:56.560] There’s a lot of stress.

[00:17:57.890] It’s a fast-paced city, and

[00:18:00.280] The money might come with it, but the stress comes with it times 10 as well.

[00:18:05.230] And then sometimes people just can’t handle that.

[00:18:07.690] A trainer can sometimes be a client’s

[00:18:10.350] therapist at times, and it ends up being like, All right, we need to work out.

[00:18:15.160] We’ve been crying for a half hour.

[00:18:16.710] We’ve been talking for another 15.

[00:18:18.600] You have 15 minutes left on this hour.

[00:18:20.390] What do you want to do?

[00:18:23.000] So with men, it’s not so much about being a little bit

[00:18:28.950] more rough or like a drill sergeant, but I can shut it down.

[00:18:32.560] And a lot of times, men want to get out of it.

[00:18:34.550] They want to get home from work and just get right to it.

[00:18:37.650] I’m not going to have a man crying on my shoulder.

[00:18:41.880] And then first thing in the morning, guys want to just get right to it.

[00:18:44.960] Like, Hey, get out of here. Hey, what’s up?

[00:18:46.040] Let’s get going.

[00:18:46.750] And then we have a different thing about it sometimes when it’s man to man.

[00:18:53.440] Got you.

[00:18:54.120] No, you’re stereotyping the hell out of women.

[00:18:55.670] But I ain’t going to lie, with all my injuries and issues with my

[00:19:03.250] body, that’s a soft spot for me, and I will get to crying.

[00:19:07.930] I’ll get to crying real quick.

[00:19:10.310] We can cry, but at some point, what do we want to do this on another day?

[00:19:16.600] I’ll cry and then probably go home.

[00:19:22.280] I’ll be back.

[00:19:27.560] Because at the end of the day, I’m getting paid for it.

[00:19:29.110] So I feel bad.

[00:19:32.010] I’m not going to…

[00:19:34.070] We’re taking up an hour out of my day,

[00:19:36.250] but it’s also your hour, but you’re off to pay for this hour.

[00:19:39.800] And if we’re going to cry and be upset

[00:19:41.350] and talk about things that’s cool, but I still need to get paid.

[00:19:45.730] And we can’t reschedule because you’re having a bad day.

[00:19:48.800] You showed up.

[00:19:50.080] You didn’t cancel, you showed up.

[00:19:51.770] So we got to show up and go and just get it in, get it over with.

[00:19:58.800] Oh, yeah. No, definitely.

[00:20:00.110] No, I would set a hard line at that.

[00:20:02.110] If you show up, I’m getting paid.

[00:20:03.870] I don’t care if we’re having a cry session, a talk session, whatever.

[00:20:07.390] I’m getting paid.

[00:20:11.480] So make sure you put that in your on track.

[00:20:15.190] If you show up, and if you don’t cancel, I’m still going to get paid.

[00:20:20.010] That’s one thing I don’t play with in business is I’m going to give me money.

[00:20:28.080] But Let’s see. I guess that would be some

[00:20:32.990] of the negatives is having to be someone’s counselor all the damn time.

[00:20:41.160] I know how that can get old.

[00:20:43.970] Let’s see.

[00:20:46.000] What are some traits that would make someone a great personal trainer?

[00:20:53.320] Having the ability to meet them where they’re at.

[00:20:59.400] Maybe Let me say, finding common ground.

[00:21:04.080] Finding common ground and being able to just…

[00:21:06.040] You got to be able to build a relationship.

[00:21:08.530] I’ve seen trainers, which I knew I had the advantage over,

[00:21:11.800] but I’ve seen trainers where It’s like straight face, leaning on a machine.

[00:21:19.640] The whole time you have a client training,

[00:21:21.520] I see them leaning, looking at their watch, looking at their phone.

[00:21:23.960] I’m like, all of that.

[00:21:24.990] If I’m a client, you’re getting fired.

[00:21:27.360] I catch you doing that one time.

[00:21:28.710] You’re not here to engage with me, motivate me, push me.

[00:21:33.170] I’m tired and getting ready for work.

[00:21:35.970] Let me get this momentum going or I just get out of work.

[00:21:38.840] I had a long day.

[00:21:39.470] I need to get a good workout, and I’m not here to just drag along.

[00:21:44.030] And meeting them where they’re at, too, again.

[00:21:47.190] So it’s like, for me, energy is going to change,

[00:21:51.070] but the effort doesn’t, meaning it’s not a nervous thing for me.

[00:21:54.810] I might not be able to

[00:21:58.720] get as many As much of an ab workout, the ab workout won’t be as intense maybe

[00:22:06.110] as it was last Wednesday, but my effort is always going to be there.

[00:22:11.250] So I’m still going to get results.

[00:22:13.440] I’m not going to, Okay, I got 12.

[00:22:15.030] No, That 12 rep, I really felt that.

[00:22:19.320] So that’s just the thing right there.

[00:22:21.710] You got to recognize being able to recognize where that client

[00:22:24.910] is for that day and for that particular session.

[00:22:28.120] So that’s what it is.

[00:22:29.250] Meeting them where they’re at and building good relationship.

[00:22:34.400] Communication.

[00:22:37.440] What are some tips and tricks you would

[00:22:40.830] give someone that wanted to be a personal trainer?

[00:22:43.800] Is there any shortcuts they can take?

[00:22:45.230] Start early in life instead of starting in their 40s?

[00:22:52.890] Somebody wants to start in their 40s?

[00:22:54.790] You always want to, for one, get a certification.

[00:23:00.320] And get a lot of repetition as far as starting to train.

[00:23:05.810] When you’re first, clients should be friends of yours that you can practice on.

[00:23:14.520] Bringing them to your house if you have

[00:23:16.430] a gym in the garage or going to the gym with them.

[00:23:19.930] That’s a good thing.

[00:23:21.310] And having confidence in yourself, having belief in yourself,

[00:23:24.720] knowing what you’re doing, pay attention to what you’re doing,

[00:23:27.450] knowing how to correct somebody’s form and understand that.

[00:23:31.990] Because what you don’t want

[00:23:34.120] more than anything else is somebody getting hurt while you’re training them.

[00:23:42.760] What did you wish you knew before you started this career?

[00:23:51.040] That I wish I knew.

[00:23:54.880] I would say the business side of things.

[00:23:59.800] Yeah, I would say the business side

[00:24:01.750] of things, learning more about getting like an LLC

[00:24:06.530] and being able to tie all of that in and getting into tax write offs

[00:24:11.190] and understanding the business side of it, the the Panua side of it.

[00:24:16.170] I did think so much on the fly, taking cash, literally.

[00:24:20.490] If I could go back all over and start all

[00:24:25.550] over, I would treat it just as a business should be treated on the books,

[00:24:32.480] get a LOC, and be consistent in that way, being better with money.

[00:24:41.600] Just treat it like a business.

[00:24:44.000] Don’t treat it like a hobby.

[00:24:45.120] I’m going to the gym today, train somebody.

[00:24:46.990] I had that mentality sometime because clients came to me.

[00:24:51.200] It was easy for me because it was home for one.

[00:24:53.510] It’s not that I always train people I knew, but you get a lot of clients based

[00:24:57.950] off of referrals at some point when you’re doing it for a long period of time.

[00:25:04.880] I think a lot of people struggle

[00:25:07.590] with the business side, and that’s one of the reasons why I studied accounting.

[00:25:12.430] I took the first accounting class three

[00:25:16.270] times before I was like, and I would drop it and be like, I didn’t want to do it.

[00:25:22.960] I took it three times before I buckled down and be like, Hey, get it done.

[00:25:27.730] Then once I started getting into tax

[00:25:30.690] and audit and things like that, I started to like it.

[00:25:34.970] But that has served me well because accounting is the language of business.

[00:25:43.770] Everybody wants to know what comes in,

[00:25:46.350] what comes out, and then tax is a huge one.

[00:25:48.910] With the same.

[00:25:50.290] The only thing guarantee in life is death and taxes.

[00:25:53.960] I tell people all the time, at least, at least, to take an intro to business class.

[00:26:02.320] Now we have YouTube and Cocera and all

[00:26:06.230] these other places, Udemy, where you can take stuff for free.

[00:26:10.770] So there’s really no reason because they didn’t have all that when I was

[00:26:15.120] a kid, and they surely didn’t have it when you were.

[00:26:21.560] But I’m showing my age.

[00:26:25.050] But I told me, Well, at least if you’re going to start

[00:26:28.320] a business, at least take a little intro to in this class, please.

[00:26:31.450] But outside of that, let’s see.

[00:26:39.400] Yeah, and last question is,

[00:26:41.350] what would you tell someone that wanted to start this career?

[00:26:47.960] Be ready.

[00:26:50.120] Bring your energy.

[00:26:51.810] Be ready for the grind.

[00:26:54.320] Take care of your body and make sure that you have some Make

[00:27:02.320] sure that you have either some money put away already or you already have a job

[00:27:06.830] that can pay you the bills and that you don’t burn yourself out.

[00:27:10.880] Because what’s going to happen is if you do have a job that’s paying the bills

[00:27:13.790] and now you’re trying to squeeze in this new training career, you need time.

[00:27:18.010] It’s going to conflict.

[00:27:19.930] You can’t work a third shift regular job and get out at…

[00:27:24.600] When would that?

[00:27:26.680] Yeah, then get out at, I don’t know, 6:00 in the morning from in that third

[00:27:30.350] shift job and think that you’re going to train clients that need you to be there

[00:27:34.810] early in the morning and think that you can continue that.

[00:27:39.210] So you need to find a balance.

[00:27:40.890] You need to find a balance and find it quick.

[00:27:43.120] I would say start off with some savings, maybe three, four, five months,

[00:27:48.210] even six months worth of some bills, bill money already put away

[00:27:53.960] and then jump into it because you’re not going to make money right away.

[00:27:56.770] And I realized that in the beginning,

[00:28:00.120] Real quick, actually, that just because I have this reputable,

[00:28:07.450] highly recognized certification, doesn’t mean I’m going to put that down

[00:28:11.430] on the counter or at an interview at a gym and say, okay, They give me my money.

[00:28:16.490] They don’t even know me.

[00:28:18.080] They don’t know me from a hole in a wall, so I got to show and prove.

[00:28:20.160] It don’t matter regardless of what you’re doing in life, you get a certification

[00:28:23.310] in anything or a degree in something, you still have to show and prove.

[00:28:27.050] I thought about being a cook years ago, and And it was like, you’ll literally come

[00:28:31.870] out of a culinary school and you might be prepping,

[00:28:35.520] you might even be just helping out around the kitchen, helping out the chef.

[00:28:39.230] You’re not going to just jump in and start

[00:28:41.670] grabbing on, like grabbing this bull by the horns right away.

[00:28:45.670] You need to earn that spot.

[00:28:48.280] So be ready.

[00:28:49.600] Be ready for the grind and be ready to not get paid right away.

[00:28:54.600] You mentioned show and prove.

[00:28:56.400] What does that mean exactly when it comes to personal training?

[00:28:59.440] When you went to, I’m just going to name

[00:29:01.310] a gym, Planet Fitness or something like that.

[00:29:04.490] What did they ask you to do in order to keep your spot instead of giving it to Mr.

[00:29:11.030] Willy down the street? Repetition.

[00:29:13.480] You need to build a reputation for yourself.

[00:29:15.230] Your reputation needs to come with getting clients’ results.

[00:29:23.480] Putting that together, like having a portfolio

[00:29:27.570] as you train clients, have clients that We’re not shy in taking

[00:29:31.020] before and after pictures for you because that’s going to be a big deal.

[00:29:34.600] That’s going to help out a lot.

[00:29:37.510] Recommend referrals.

[00:29:41.000] But yeah, you definitely need to…

[00:29:43.430] You need to build a reputation.

[00:29:46.320] Okay.

[00:29:47.760] Yeah. Patient.

[00:29:50.080] When I started my little entrepreneurship journey in Mexico, I

[00:29:56.250] came with a substantial amount of money, I guess, especially Especially for Mexico.

[00:30:02.720] I couldn’t imagine starting a business

[00:30:05.360] in America and having to have savings because there’s no health insurance.

[00:30:13.310] You can’t just go to the doctor.

[00:30:15.350] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:30:17.590] You’re all willy-nilly like you can in Mexico or another country, which is…

[00:30:23.440] After I’ve lived in another country, it’s really crazy to me.

[00:30:28.450] As someone that has

[00:30:30.920] worked in the healthcare industry, and I have family members that work

[00:30:34.390] in the healthcare industry, I gripe about it all the time.

[00:30:40.720] That alone stifles entrepreneurship in the United States.

[00:30:48.800] But yeah, I’ll totally agree that you definitely need some savings if you’re

[00:30:53.310] going to pursue probably pretty much anything in life.

[00:30:57.170] Sure, that new career, entrepreneurship,

[00:30:59.810] whatever, whatever, because unfortunately, it may not work out.

[00:31:07.890] Anything else you want to say? No.

[00:31:15.570] I think that’s pretty much it.

[00:31:20.760] And honestly,

[00:31:23.570] if I would say one more thing, because I’m a true believer

[00:31:29.720] in And that you can love what you’re doing and make money off of it.

[00:31:32.590] So if

[00:31:35.730] you really want to do something and you really love whatever that is,

[00:31:40.730] have belief in yourself, pursue it, be patient, and definitely don’t give up.

[00:31:47.320] And that’s something that’s a part of me

[00:31:52.290] that caused a lot of restarting over in so many areas in times of my life.

[00:31:59.490] I I say caused a lot of setbacks because

[00:32:01.830] I’ve attempted a couple of different things.

[00:32:05.880] It’s always a start.

[00:32:07.400] You got to start from scratch again. You get to start from scratch again.

[00:32:09.280] You get to start from scratch again.

[00:32:10.770] Just really know what you want to do and then go all out.

[00:32:14.530] Go all out, don’t stop, and believe in yourself.

[00:32:20.160] No, definitely.

[00:32:20.890] I don’t like to call them setbacks because everything’s a learning lesson.

[00:32:25.730] It is.

[00:32:27.690] To my point, what I mean is if you’re

[00:32:31.490] starting from scratch every single time, it is an experience.

[00:32:36.550] But my brother would tell me, Stay in doing one thing.

[00:32:43.050] Lock in on this and then stay doing that

[00:32:46.210] instead of like, I’m just tired of this after I just invested money and time.

[00:32:50.050] Whether it be school, because I was going to be not a therapist, a psychologist.

[00:32:56.240] I went to a community school back home in Boston for a little bit working with…

[00:32:59.870] I was working with high-risk teens, and then I stopped going to school.

[00:33:03.840] And then I was like, What am I going to do now?

[00:33:05.310] I thought about being a bobo.

[00:33:07.760] And I didn’t pursue that.

[00:33:08.950] I should have, could have, whatever I didn’t.

[00:33:11.770] And then became a trainer.

[00:33:15.720] I see it as you’re trying to figure out

[00:33:22.600] what you want to do, which is perfectly fine.

[00:33:26.830] And unfortunately, that costs time and it

[00:33:30.240] costs money, and you ain’t never going to get it back.

[00:33:31.930] But once you find what it is that you want to do,

[00:33:37.360] you look back and be like, Oh, it wasn’t really a waste.

[00:33:42.210] You were learning along the way because

[00:33:45.510] you took everything that you did and you put it in your personal training.

[00:33:49.750] I’m a thousand % sure of that.

[00:33:52.410] But sometimes you got to do that in order to find where you’re trying be.

[00:34:02.970] When I was in Mexico, for the first two years, I

[00:34:07.170] told myself I wanted to learn Spanish, but I wasn’t really learning it.

[00:34:11.650] I just had to, number one,

[00:34:13.670] mourn and number two, just figure out the lay of the land, basically.

[00:34:19.970] I’m in this huge city, and I’m finding friends,

[00:34:24.390] and learning where to go to the doctor, and all that good stuff.

[00:34:31.050] To me, when I was in the thick of it, I was like, damn, you lost two years.

[00:34:36.360] And I’m like, no, you don’t have to lose two years because now you know a big-ass

[00:34:39.750] city, and you got people you can kick it when you go down there all the time.

[00:34:43.950] I have a whole adopted family and everything else now.

[00:34:49.390] It’s really crazy.

[00:34:53.650] You beat yourself up about it, but in reality, you really shouldn’t.

[00:34:59.130] So But yeah, that’s just how I see it.

[00:35:03.890] And I agree.

[00:35:06.150] I don’t disagree.

[00:35:08.200] My thing is it’s really good to just own

[00:35:12.710] in on something instead of bouncing around.

[00:35:15.590] But yeah, you do.

[00:35:16.790] There’s always a positive, and I do the same.

[00:35:19.390] I always make sure that I see the positive, the light in that.

[00:35:22.910] It wasn’t a dark time, but I always make sure that I look for that positive.

[00:35:27.570] And I have a lot of experiences from in that.

[00:35:32.320] Yeah, definitely. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or

[00:35:35.990] anyone else, I don’t see it as a serious loss.

[00:35:41.640] You can get money again.

[00:35:45.310] You may not get that time back,

[00:35:47.850] but you take that experience and use it probably every day now.

[00:35:53.570] Was it really a loss?

[00:35:58.850] No, it wasn’t.

[00:36:00.050] It’s just your journey.

[00:36:02.490] Just your journey.

[00:36:03.840] Yeah.

[00:36:05.120] All right, Joshua, we’re going to close it out.

[00:36:09.200] Thank you for coming on the show.

[00:36:12.010] I appreciate it.

[00:36:14.450] Tell me, tell people where to find you.

[00:36:18.610] So you can find me on Instagram at josh_bashan.

[00:36:24.610] The last name is spelled B-A-C-H-A-N-D.

[00:36:27.490] It’s the same exact for Facebook.

[00:36:31.130] And all my information is in there in my profile and my bio.

[00:36:35.370] And look out for my merch.

[00:36:37.600] I’m going to be starting that pretty soon.

[00:36:39.360] It’s actually in the making right now.

[00:36:40.830] I have my logo and everything else, and we’re putting that out.

[00:36:44.810] And yeah, just pushing along.

[00:36:47.850] So if anybody wants to follow me or learn anything that I have

[00:36:51.290] that they can possibly be inspired by or need help in, whatever, let me know.

[00:36:59.570] Easy to reach. All right.

[00:37:01.720] Thank you, you all for listening, watching wherever you all at.

[00:37:05.610] My name is Elise Robinson with Nobody Wants to Work, though, podcast.

[00:37:10.130] And until next time..

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