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I Completed My 1st Week In Eastern University's MBA in Data Analytics BUSA 565

Published: at 08:40 PM

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For my third course in the MBA program, I am taking BUSA 565 Marketing in the 21st Century (they have it listed as Strategic Marketing Management online for me…so I don’t know what the real name is 🤷🏿).

✍🏿 Here’s a description of the course:

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📕 Books used:

  1. Ferrell, O.C., Hartline, M., & Hochstein, B.W. (2022). Marketing Strategy, 8th Edition (2022), Cengage.

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#️⃣ Here is how your grade is broken down:

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💪🏿 This is what I accomplished my first week in the BUSA 565 course:

📘 Read:

📺 Videos watched:

🧪 Homework

There are only 4 modules but as you can see it’s a lot of work for this course so I’m hurrying up so I can do the next course before the semester is over. You only get one attempt at the quizzes which is hurting me but such is life. Right now I have an 86% in the course. I hate marketing. I need to get my grade up more.

Here are my grades so far:

I’m going to do the cases this upcoming weekend. I’m on vacation this week.

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