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I'm Starting A Master's In Data Science From Eastern University

Published: at 08:40 PM

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I have been interested in python and machine learning so decided to research degrees for those topics and found that the degree from Eastern University fits me perfectly.

I like how this degree at Eastern University has 7 week terms and is self paced. I love short courses as 16 weeks is just too long for me and I start to lose interest quickly at about the 12 week mark. I want to get in and out and move on to the next subject. A LOT of skills I’ve learned in Tech have been self taught. So I believe this program fits me and I’ll be successful at it.

I’ll try and post weekly about my progress and what I’m learning.

My classes start January 9, 2023 and this is what I’ll be taking for my first course:

The next term starts March 6, 2023 and this will be my second course:

The degree is only $9,900 and very doable paying out of pocket if necessary, especially with a payment plan. I have been applying for scholarships in STEM and I’m just waiting to see if I’ve won for the year.

Stay tuned…

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