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25 Solidity Developer Practice Interview Questions

Published: at 08:40 PM

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  1. What is web3?

  2. What is blockchain?

  3. How does the blockchain work?

  4. What is Ethereum?

  5. What is a smart contract?

  6. What is a node in Ethereum?

  7. How can you connect with a node?

  8. Can you “hide” a transaction?

  9. Where are transactions stored?

  10. Ethereum uses which consensus?

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  1. How do you make a smart contract?

  2. What are dApps?

  3. Which programming language is used to write dApps?

  4. Which programming language is used to write smart contracts?

  5. What is a DAO?

  6. What is DeFi?

  7. What are wallets and why are they used?

  8. Give some examples of wallets.

  9. What are some Ethereum networks that exist?

  10. Mention some of the popular Blockchain-based smart contracts.

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  1. Are there any standards for smart contracts?

  2. What are gas fees?

  3. Define Remix.

  4. What is ether?

  5. How can you obtain ether?

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Here are some bonus questions to check your knowledge:

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