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17 Newsletters Every Software Engineer Should Read

Published: at 08:40 PM

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Discover 17 of the best newsletters a Software Engineer or an Engineering Manager should read to keep their skills up to date.

  1. Switch Into Tech - Weekly list of free tech resources, tech blog ideas, hilarious “Nobody Wants To Work Tho” podcast, and monthly seminars to switch into tech.

  2. The Pragmatic Engineer - Covering a variety of topics from in-depth analysis of how various companies do things to general solid advice on career growth and engineering management.

  3. Level Up Software Engineering - Empathetic career development tips for software engineers looking to develop both technical and interpersonal skills.

  4. Software Design: Tidy First? - Excellent mix of technical and non-technical advice from the author of Extreme Programming and TDD.

  5. Engineer’s Codex - Case studies and practical lessons from Big Tech companies.

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  1. ByteByteGo Newsletter - Weekly in-depth systems design newsletter, written by the author of “Systems Design” vol 1 and vol 2.

  2. High Growth Engineer - Practical actionable advice for ambitious engineers looking to grow in their careers.

  3. Engineering Leadership - Engineering topics to help you become a great engineering leader.

  4. SeattleDataGuy’s Newsletter - The best data engineering newsletter, insightful even if you don’t work in data.

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  1. Hybrid Hacker - In-depth lessons on engineering management with excellent illustrations.

  2. Wes Kao’s Newsletter - Excellent advice on navigating work dynamics and career growth from the co-founder of Maven.

  3. System Design Newsletter - Easy to understand explanations of complex architectures.

  4. The Caring Techie Newsletter - Focuses on soft skills, communication, and building caring leaders and it’s based on my experience at Big Tech (Google, Uber) and early-stage startups.

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  1. Leading Developers - If you are a Development Team Leader/Engineering Manager, or considering that career path - this newsletter is for you! Leading a team is HARD. My goal is to share practical tips and stories to make your life easier.

  2. Scarlet Ink - Tech industry career and leadership advice from an ex-Amazon GM and Tech Director.

  3. Techlead Mentor - Being a tech lead is a lot about behaviors. I learned a lot through trial and error and want to share actionable tips with you to master these behaviors.

  4. Developing Dev - Filling the gaps for engineers who don’t have dedicated mentorship in 5 minutes or less. Written by a Staff Software Engineer @ Instagram.

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Elyse Y. Robinson Elyse Y. Robinson, an enterprising entrepreneur, is the mastermind behind Taxes and Services, a multifaceted holding company that doubles as her accounting firm. Her ventures encompass an array of innovative projects. One of her key initiatives is Switch Into Tech, a dynamic weekly newsletter that doubles as a platform for advertising monthly career seminars, offering weekly tech-related freebies, and promoting her latest podcast episodes of Nobody Wants To Work Tho. Additionally, Elyse shares her insights through her blog at, where she delves into various data-related topics. Elyse’s passions extend beyond her businesses; she is deeply enamored with Mexico, has an insatiable appetite for research, and is dedicated to assisting others in transitioning into technology careers.

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