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15 Links to Free CyberSecurity Training

Published: at 08:40 PM

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Free CyberSecurity Training

Here are 15 websites with free learning opportunities in cybersecurity. These free learning courses are a great way to learn and get access to opportunities in cybersecurity.

  1. Curricula Free Security Awareness Training - This training will help meet the requirements of SOC 2 or ISO 27001.

  2. Simply Cyber GRC Course - Gerald Auger, Ph.D. developed a “pay what you can” GRC course for anyone looking to get into the GRC side of cybersecurity.

  3. Antisyphon InfoSec Training - John Strand has a “pay what you can” training series. The Antisyphon training courses are a great to learn about pentesting and red teaming.

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  1. ISO 27001 Training Series - A free resource if you are considering ISO 27001 certification.

  2. Microsoft CISO Workshop Series - This is a free series on CISO topics ranging from management to information protection.

  3. Try Hack Me - A great website for learning about pentesting.

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  1. Amazon Web Services Training - Hours of free AWS training. Sort the training classes by “free” and you will see that there is a lot to choose from.

  2. Google Cloud Training - Google cloud offers free training.

  3. Udacity - Udacity offers lots of free courses on technology, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

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  1. AttackIQ Academy - In free courses taught by cybersecurity practitioners at the cutting edge of the field, students gain realistic, hands-on experience in building a threat-informed defense to improve cybersecurity effectiveness.

  2. Web Security Academy - Free, online web security training from the creators of Burp Suite.

  3. Blue Team Labs Online - A gamified platform for defenders to practice their skills in security investigations and challenges covering; Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Security Operations, Reverse Engineering, and Threat Hunting.

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  1. OpenSecurityTraining2 - OpenSecurityTraining2’s mission is to provide the world’s deepest and best cybersecurity training.

  2. No-Nonsense Security Awareness Training - It’s short, to the point and super intuitive!

  3. Hack the Box - Another great website for learning about pentesting.

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