Free CyberSecurity Training

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These free learning courses are a great way to learn and get access to opportunities in cybersecurity. Here are 15 websites with free learning opportunities in cybersecurity:

  1. Curricula Free Security Awareness Training

This training will help meet the requirements of SOC 2 or ISO 27001.

2. Simply Cyber GRC Course

Gerald Auger, Ph.D. developed a “pay what you can” GRC course for anyone looking to get into the GRC side of cybersecurity.

3. Antisyphon InfoSec Training

John Strand has a “pay what you can” training series. The Antisyphon training courses are a great to learn about pentesting and red teaming.

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4. ISO 27001 Training Series

A free resource if you are considering ISO 27001 certification.

5. Microsoft CISO Workshop Series

This is a free series on CISO topics ranging from management to information protection.

6. Try Hack Me or A great website for learning about pentesting.

๐Ÿ‘ฃ QuicknNode makes it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow.

7. Amazon Web Services Training Hours of free AWS training. Sort the training classes by “free” and you will see that there is a lot to choose from.

8. Google Cloud Training Google cloud offers free training.

9. Udacity Udacity offers lots of free courses on technology, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

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10. AttackIQ Academy In free courses taught by cybersecurity practitioners at the cutting edge of the field, students gain realistic, hands-on experience in building a threat-informed defense to improve cybersecurity effectiveness.

11. Web Security Academy Free, online web security training from the creators of Burp Suite.

12. Blue Team Labs Online A gamified platform for defenders to practice their skills in security investigations and challenges covering; Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Security Operations, Reverse Engineering, and Threat Hunting.

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13. OpenSecurityTraining2 OpenSecurityTraining2’s mission is to provide the world’s deepest and best cybersecurity training.

14. No-Nonsense Security Awareness Training It’s short, to the point and super intuitive!

15. Hack the Box Another great website for learning about pentesting.

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